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What your instagram name?


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Heey! I really think that you and Jacob are the cutest thing ever!! I'm really happy for you two!

Thank you :’) 

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when are you next going to see Jacob?

If all goes to plan I’ll be going to Canada for just over a week in October! :) 

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You need someone who goes out of their way to make it obvious that they want you in their life.
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people who just tell you what they’re doing without you asking them are my favorite kind of people

I love your blog, I check it everyday and your an amazing person

Aww thank you!

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I know I'm over thinking this but we've started college and it's great but I rarely see my boyfriend (of over a year) And we do see each other at some point everyday even just briefly like he walked me to my bus once but it's just a hard transition from the hols and he barely ever says he loves me anymore or when I go to sleep I don't wake up to cute texts and sometimes I think he feels bad and makes an effort to text me loads but sometimes our text convos are so dry :(

Yeah this probably doesn’t sound great to hear but that’s how the beginning of louis’ and i break up started, there were all these slight small changes and I didn’t want a medicare relationship at only 17 i wasn’t ready to stop being treated like a princess! But long term relationships do change so you can either just adapt to the change and embrace it or you know worse option break up…

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Do you still smoke weed? And why didn't you when you were with Louis ?

No, I haven’t for a really long time and louis was actually the one who got me to do it aha but then I suddenly really didn’t like it and didn’t like how he acted when he was high so preferred if he didn’t do it! And obviously now, Jacob has never tried or had anything to do with weed so now I really steer clear of it! 

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