We Can Never Be Irreparably Broken

Andre Hamann
How bad does waxing hurt? I wanna get it done but eek scared

It really really fucking hurts, but I keep getting it done so it’s worth the pain you just need quite a high tolerance for pain and the level of pain does differ for each person so you could be lucky and it might not hurt! 

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I have just had my first wax, how long do you normally leave it to get another one? People say a week after your period?

I just wait until it grows back then get it done when like I know I’m going to be having sex soon so everything is just all clean, I got one done 18 days ago and now I’m getting it done again tomorrow! 

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I’m in love with this gif. Everything about it. The rain drizzling. The candle flickering. The colors. I love it.
the first time u got a brazilian, how did u prepare and stuff? i want to get one for the first time but I'm really nervous bc I've never been waxed down there before..:/ and on a scale of one to ten how painful are they??

You really don’t need to do anything just don’t shave for a few days and it was a definite 10, it was the most painful experience in my life! But, she said it was extra bad for me because I shaved so much so there was more hair folicles or something but jesus christ it took like 45minutes and killed me! 

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pros of turning 18: can legally do the stuff i already do
cons of turning 18: no longer the dancing queen